Brandon Buell, AB'20 | Applied Mathematics & Statistics

Brandon is a current sophomore in Leverett House who works alongside Kevin to lead the Harvard College Impact Investing Group by maintaining internal communications, organizing programming for general meetings, and spearheading the growth of a recruitment network for club members. In impact investing, Brandon is particularly intrigued by the integration of impact metrics into for-profit funds and the role of private sector activism in urban renewal and development initiatives.


Kevin Yang, AB’20 | Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology; Global Health and Health Policy

Kevin is a current sophomore in Mather House sharing responsibility for weekly operations and maintaining effective progress of the board and the club members. He is also responsible for communication with the club advisors and discussing long term goals and vision for the club’s future directions. Although Kevin is planning to have a career in medicine, he is really interested in the growing field and future potential of impact investing, particularly in the healthcare and health equity areas, and hopes to have a career that combines his interests in both fields.

Co-Vice President

Mariana Garza, AB'20 | Economics

Mariana Garza is a sophomore in Leverett House studying Economics, with a focus on entrepreneurship and venture capital. She was first led into the field of finance by interning at a fintech startup at a tech incubator in Manhattan. At Harvard, she is continuing this interest as the VP of Harvard College Impact Investing, the VP of Harvard's Social Innovation Collaborative, and as the Director of Investment Education of Smart Woman Securities. Mariana plans to pursue a career ethical finance post graduation.

Co-Vice President

Oliver George, AB'20 | Neurobiology; Economics

Oliver is a current sophomore in Dunster House and is responsible for assisting the co-presidents in leading the club and handling primary outreach efforts. He also maintains oversight of the HBS research fellowship teams. Oliver is passionate about combining his interests in both business and the life sciences. He finds impact investing as an exciting way to support sustainable businesses and use funds to serve the both local and global communities.

Technology Director

Vanessa Catania, AB'20 | Economics

Vanessa is a current sophomore in Leverett House and is responsible for maintaining the website and posting blogs every Monday. Although Vanessa is concentrating in economics, she is also interested in medicine and is most excited about impact investment in health care. She loves that impact investing can help anyone combine their different passions to fuel social change.

Director of Public Relations

Katie Cao, AB’21 | Applied Mathematics & Economics

Katie is a current freshman in Canaday in charge of HCIIG’s publications, social media, and internal communications. She believes that impact investment is a field of high potential and interest for people in any career path. Katie is particularly interested in environmental sustainability and sustainable growth and loves meeting professionals innovating in that field.

Co-Director of Sponsorships

Jorge Campos, AB'21 | Economics

Jorge Campos is a current freshman in Canaday who works alongside Lilly to foster relationships with organizations and companies both inside and outside of Harvard. We work to gain partners and sponsors to attract more resources and opportunities for our members and our team. In Impact Investing, Jorge is particularly passionate about urban development and the growth of organizations that benefit underprivileged communities.

Co-Director of Sponsorships

Lilly Scherban, AB’20 | Social Studies; Economics

Lilly is a current sophomore in Lowell House who is working with Jorge to forge relationships and sponsorships with organizations and companies at Harvard and beyond. Lilly is really interested in social entrepreneurship, through both nonprofit and for-profit ventures. Impact investing is a perfect intersection of her interests!

Director of 118 Capital, Inc.

Michał Kożuchowski, AB'21 | Economics; Energy & Environment

Michal Kozuchowski is a first-year student in Canaday Hall. Passionate about climate action, renewable energy solutions and developing ways in which capitalism can have a positive impact on society. He is a Director of the 118 Capital Fellowship and Head Editor of the HBS Fellowship. Coming from Poland, he strongly cares about air quality solutions and the development of sustainable cities. His hobbies include tennis, meteorology and politics - he is actively involved with the opposition to the current Polish government.

Director of 118 Capital, Inc.

Abdelaziz Nasr Bahnasy, AB'21 | Economics & Government; Computer Science

Zizo is a first-year student in Wigglesworth Hall who cares deeply about the intersection of social policy and capital markets with modern technology as a platform from which to solve some of the world’s most pervasive problems. He is a firm believer in the power of the financial industry to become an ongoing engine for society with a shift toward fulfilling the universal demand for social good and change, and he is increasingly curious about the role of businesses at the bottom of the economy whose development has bigger-picture implications. Zizo directs a team of students in conducting due diligence for impact-oriented start-ups that are pursuing venture funding with 118 Capital, Inc., and he is working to build an accessible venture capital framework of his own. He also cares about political advocacy for disenfranchised groups, and he loves working on business-building and programming-based projects tangentially. Say hello to him in Egyptian Arabic to start a friendship!

HBS Fellowship Chair

Connor Schoen, AB/Masters ‘21 | Applied Mathematics & Economics; Government

Connor is a current freshman in Matthews Hall leading the Climate Action Team in researching investment potential in solar microgrids. He is also a leading writer and branding strategist for the team’s weekly blog page. Connor is extremely passionate about the powerful, transformative intersection between philanthropy and business, and he finds impact investing to be at the heart of this area.

HBS Fellowship Director

Jack Li, AB'21 | Economics & Statistics

Jack Li is a rising sophomore currently in Grays Hall and moving to Leverett House considering a concentration in Economics and Statistics. He grew up in Los Angeles, California, where he attended Harvard-Westlake School. Jack has a strong interest in economic history, finance, entrepreneurship, and business management. Aside from being a HBS Research Director for HCIIG, Jack is the Director for Fundraising at HCURA; a Case Team Lead at HCBE; a Senior Investment Researcher at HFAC; and the Harvard Men's Rugby Team.

HBS Fellowship Chair

Jubin Gorji, AB'21 | Economics

Jubin is a current freshman in Thayer leading the Mobility Systems Team for the Harvard Business School Fellowship program. The Mobility System Team focuses on researching lucrative investment opportunities in the mobility systems space while focusing on wide reaching community impact across the globe. Jubin is very interested in the impact investing space as it combines the benefits of an incentive-based investment model with the wide-reaching impact of non-profit work in developing markets.